About us

Dead River bait Co. Is a one man small business that is owned and operated in southern Illinois and was created to provide for my family and out of a passion for Fishing and the outdoors Which My wife two daughters and I love and respect. But also because I am unable to work otherwise due to medical conditions But I am able to make baits with my medical conditions so that I'm able to provide for my family.  My number one goal is to build a network of satisfied customers all over the U.S. and other countries if possible. I handmake/inject and sell soft plastic baits and lead jig heads. Everything is made when ordered and can sometimes be a bit of a wait and sometimes much longer depending on the amount of orders I have coming in so some patience is needed! But I strive to get my product out and satisfy as many consumers as possible as well I strive to make and sell the best possible products I can. I am still growing as I started from nothing with very little money at the first part of 2021 as I have been unable to work otherwise for some time (this is not a sob story I just want people to be transparent to everyone so that they can understand) I know I do not have a huge offering yet but please be patient as I grow to offer more and more products moving forward into the future. and do not be afraid to send Me an email to let Me know what other soft plastic/other fishing items you would like to see us offer.    

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. 


The  Story  Behind  the  Name: There is a river nearby Named The embarrass River.  pronounced (EM-brah)  that runs through the area we currently reside and where my wife was born and raised and there is a old channel that runs off from it that use to be part of the main river. The local people in the area call that old channel The Dead River of which part of it is still fished to this day by local people around the area. So when deciding to start a bait business I decided to give homage to that old channel where the river use to run and call the business The Dead River Bait Co. and there you have it its as simple as that.